Mingle With Singles Private Dating Group

Mingle With Singles Private Dating Group

Tired of apps?

Fed up with the dating scene with too many what ifs, too much awkwardness, and far too much discouragement in the hopes of meeting that special person?

Tired of trying to get personal with the wholly impersonal (ugh) in today's hookup culture environment?

In my Mingle With Singles private and exclusive dating group, you will connect with young singles from all over the world who share your interests, dating goals leading to a serious relationship and have a real blast!

This is not your run-of-the-mill dating group. It is a private and secure place to unwind, socialize, meet singles and find support in a 100% upbeat and positive environment where you can get back to flirting, connecting and finding that special someone to love.

Who this group is for:

You are a bit rusty in having meaningful conversations with the opposite sex.

You are having trouble finding singles who share the same goals of finding a serious relationship.

You are disillusioned with swipes and matches only to get ghosted and/or meet bizarre people of whom you discover you share nothing in common.

You have many reservations about getting on apps after several bad experiences.

You are tired of today's dating scene and want to start fresh and get a new lease on your dating life.

What you will get in subscribing to this group:

  • Private and exclusive access to many singles on Instagram (this is a private IG group and upon joining, I will send you an invite) who follow my page and share common interests and similar dating objectives.
  • A 100% clean, wholesome environment completely free of negativity, gender politics, blackpilling, complaining and unproductive nonsense. Note: NONE of this is allowed nor will it ever be permitted. If you decide to join, rest assured you will remain among a supportive and welcoming atmosphere strictly with the intention of connecting with singles who share similar dating goals.
  • Daily trivia games, activities, giveaways, singles introductions, fun conversations and matchmaking on my behalf (if I see a potential couple I would deem a good match, I will offer a personal introduction).
  • Twice monthly (this is tentative and subject to change) speed dating and/or live group chats conducted on Zoom.
  • Highly useful game tips, love and relationship advice and multiple daily check-ins with the group in maintaining a great atmosphere for singles to unwind, relax and connect.

And so much more.

General rules and guidelines:

1) There will be absolutely no blackpilling or nihilism. This is not Reddit or Twitter and it isn't a place to air your dirty dating laundry, nor is it a place to bash the opposite sex and engage in gender wars. Any person doing so will be banned from the group.

2) Group participation is required. Obviously if you are a lurker, you will not be able to meet and connect with singles. For example, if I ask you to introduce yourself to the group and name 3 brief things you enjoy about dating, we will need you to participate. As a group we will require you to help break the ice with the willingness to be open and connect with others.

3) No vulgarity and no obscene content or postings will be allowed. You will always be encouraged and be welcomed to post among the group with questions, comments and/or fun and interesting tidbits you'd like to share, however, if it's material you wouldn't share with your boss or your mother, it will not be allowed.

4) In gaining membership access to this group, I assume no liability nor responsibility for any outcomes, real or implied, and I further offer no guarantee of any relationship or connection that may come heretofore in your electing to participate. You assume all liability on your own behalf and you assume all risk.

Click the button below to gain monthly membership access to my private, exclusive relationship group on Instagram and Zoom. No obligation, cancel at any time.

Thanks for subscribing and we look forward to connecting with you!

If you have any questions about my Mingle With Singles dating group, please email me at: