About #lovepilled

Are you tired of the same old slanted, biased and subjective "advice" that seeks only to further frustrate and confuse both men and women in their relationships? Are you tired of the "battle of the sexes" and want straight talk and objectivity in relation to your love life?

Here at the #lovepilled page I provide a no-nonsense, practical, useful and 100% unbiased advice approach on love, sex and relationships that cuts through all the madness you find in every other "pill" community on the web. I have a "tough love method" applied to my daily content and information that is truthful, thorough and just logically makes sense. Men and women today need a fundamental basis of knowledge and understanding in their roles/intersexual behavior in terms of their relationships and how to find love.

What you will learn here:

* How and why clearly defined masculine and feminine roles are crucial to relationships

* How to "game" others and why you should at the very least know how to execute game

* How to be a man in order to attract desirable women

* How to be a woman in order to attract desirable men

* What you're doing wrong with the opposite sex in the modern dating marketplace and how to fix it

* Why you're not getting sex as a man and what you must do to be more attractive to women

* Why you're not getting commitment from a man and why you need to be commitment-worthy if you desire commitment from a high value man

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About me:

My name is Jenny and I'm a 44-year old wife married 18 years strong and a mother of 3 children who enjoys helping men and women realize their full potential in love and relationships.