Here's Precisely When You Should Kiss or Be Sexually Intimate With a Man

"Ladies, there's actually a much simpler way to vet a man through kissing him. NOT f*cking him (which I don't advocate for regardless), but the very simple act of kissing him."

Here's Precisely When Should You Kiss or Be Intimate With a Man

I receive a lot of questions from women concerning when they should be physically affectionate with a man (kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc.) along with when to be sexually intimate.

Today we're going to put to rest some truly horrible concepts that have been fouling up dating culture emanating from the evangelical Protestant crowd insisting folks need to treat dating like they're joining a monastery.

First, let's lay out some initial groundwork...

Rule: Any man of whom is legit desirable, heterosexual and has his testosterone firing on all 8 cylinders will not tolerate being emasculated by you.

And I came across the following cringy tweet which translates to emasculating a man while simultaneously being an amateur and embarrassing prick tease.

There are obvious puritanical underpinnings strewn about her screed below. And any woman who elects to follow her "advice" will wind up turning off any man who's actually worth a damn.

Also, it was revealed to me that this woman is single. She is not married nor is she in any long-term relationship. And it's easy to see why.

Let's take a look at what she has to say:

"The fastest way to weed out the loser men who don’t have the right intentions with you is to have a no kissing for 3 months rule. A man who’s only trying to sleep with you, or be with you short term, will not get to the 3 months with you.
He’ll give up because you’re not giving him what he wants and when that happens, you’ll be so glad you didn’t invest a substantial amount of your time in him. If a man cannot enjoy and appreciate your PRESENCE and company alone without any kind of physical intimacy or touching involved… he doesn’t truly like you for who you are and he definitely doesn’t deserve to touch you or be with you in any capacity."