How to Vet a Woman to See If She's Settling For You

"A woman who is not settling wants to be on your team. You are not adversaries. If she is cooperative, caring, and wants to make life easier for you, she is invested in you, not settling for you."

How to Vet a Woman to See If She's Settling For You

I saw a book being promoted on Twitter from a female relationship expert entitled, "How to Settle for Mr. Good Enough and Find True Happiness" or something along those lines (I don't recall the title and I'm not promoting the book here because it sucks), which is a clap back against women who are too hypergamous for their own good in selecting a husband.

And there are many reasons a woman may find herself settling, such as:

  • Her parents/family are insistent upon her marrying a certain man and she's being pressured to pursue the relationship much to her chagrin.
  • She's feeling the sting of age, creeping loss of desirability, missed opportunities and needs to tie the knot "before it's too late."
  • Had/has overblown, fairy tale misconceptions on what the "perfect man" is, thus, no man is good enough for her nor will they ever be good enough.
  • She is too hypergamous i.e. egotistical to admit that the men who are available to her and desire commitment are in her league and she should be pairing up with them. However, the aftermath of her not being desirable enough for the men she really wants is not something she is willing to compromise on nor accept.

And woe to any man who decides to assume the burden of being in the crosshairs of a woman who harbors any of the above in selecting him as a mate.

That's not to say that a woman who holds any of the above notions about marrying you is a lost cause. You may just be her knight in shining armor and she'll be honored to take the plunge.

And you'd be all the wiser if you can spot the aforementioned character flaws in a woman and heed them as red flags long before you will ever consider tying the knot.

So how do you vet a woman to see if she's settling for you (so you can cut your losses and move on and find a more suitable woman who is actually happy to be with you)?