What To Do When a Man Starts Backing Off and Being Distant

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I know it's hard to leave a man standing right where he is when you love him so deeply. But sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire. You keep showing up as the 'soft girl' who gives in every single time, he takes it for granted and stops caring."

What To Do When a Man Starts Backing Off and Being Distant

For most women, there will come a time in your relationship that your man may decide that things are getting too "routine," too close for comfort, too complicated and "too much for him to handle," and he may begin distancing himself.

And very often 1 of 2 things generally happens:

And there are times when a man simply needs more time to himself because he's legitimately busy being a man. He could be preoccupied with work, has a lot of pressure on him to meet deadlines and/or is dealing with some heavy, complicated things that have nothing to do with you.

But he's distancing himself nonetheless. And you feel hurt, left in the dark and anxious to get him to open up more about his feelings. Yet, he doesn't seem to want to talk about it either.

As I've discussed in the past, trying to get a man who's resistant to open up about his feelings is difficult if not impossible. It's in these moments that he's closed off for a reason, and trying to make him reason with you may not work and will only further push him away.

Again, you can either expect that he will dump you (when this happens, there's nothing more you can do but try your best to accept it and move on) and it's usually because it's a new relationship that has no real firmly planted roots (usually at 3 month mark).

And the reasons why men tend to leave at this point of the relationship is because, as I've said before in the past, it takes 3 months for people to let the mask slip and reveal who they really are.

And unfortunately, at the 3 month mark, they get to a point of soul-searching and realize this isn't the serious relationship they truly want and they abruptly want out.

They withdraw intimacy. Out of the blue, they just don't seem to care any longer. They don't want to tend to your needs and you're on your own. You feel alone in the relationship all of the sudden because he's already (informally) left the relationship. The suddenly he makes it official that it's all over.

However, when it's not about dumping you, him distancing himself can be mitigated using the following tips. Here goes: