Real Tips On How to Be Traditionally Feminine

"You hear it all the time, 'I gave and gave and gave to this man and he did NOTHING for me! I took great care of him for years (like a mommy), he never even proposed and he up and left me for another woman!"

Real Tips On How to Be Traditionally Feminine

A few months back I sent the email below explaining to the women in my femininity group what old school traditional femininity was like for the women in my family and my generation overall.

This information is very useful for women today who seek to be feminine but are being inundated with the wrong message from online tradiot NPCs who believe femininity is larping for uncommitted men in order to win the role of being a wife.

It's no mystery I advocate for warning women who are in uncommitted relationships with men not to cook, clean, be devoted and give of themselves wholeheartedly as a "qualifying" technique.

Hint: Women in the days of yore didn't audition for the role of a wife. Men understood that in order to "get the goods" from a woman i.e. sex, domestic labor, unwavering support, nurturing and loyalty, they'd have to put a ring on it.

Nowadays, women lavish uncommitted men with all these sacred feminine gifts without ever getting a ring.

Obviously this doesn't work otherwise these women would be married.

They wouldn't spend 10 years with a man waiting for a ring only to never receive one; only to wind up living in regret at 37 years old that they never got married.

I have zero problem being a domestic goddess for a man. I do it better than any woman on this planet. I've been cooking since I was a teen and I've been preparing home-cooked meals from scratch for my husband and family for the last 21 years.

I'm also ride or die. I show up every day in sickness and in health (my husband was very ill last year with a brain tumor and I remained by his side). Furthermore, I'm a great woman to him who doesn't nag, doesn't emasculate him and would never dream of doing either.

He's the only man I've ever cooked and cleaned for. Because I realized early on that these are sacred feminine acts. Sacred feminine acts that men rarely appreciate unless they love you and are fully committed to you.

That's right, you can cook, clean and have sex from here to Christmas with a man all you like. That doesn't mean he will love you or ever care about any of it. But some men will take full advantage of your feminine goods without ever taking you seriously.

Happens all the time. Millions of younger women find themselves in this predicament year after year.

"I did everything right! I cooked and cleaned, I was there for him, I paid half the bills, I moved in. Why didn't he give me the ring I deserve?"

And below I'm offering you some real tips on how to be traditionally feminine rather than larp for a man in a vain attempt to garner commitment from a man who has no intention of committing to you.

Let's take a look...