Sociopathic Techniques to Get a Man Obsessed With You

"Meanwhile, his working hormones start flushing through him down to his feet and toes and he's getting hot, flustered, frustrated, horny and is dying for more."

Sociopathic Techniques to Get a Man Obsessed With You

Many of the ladies here like to read and hear about my love life and my girl game techniques of yesteryear long before I got married.

I don't really divulge many details concerning my prior relationships save for a few here and there on occasion because frankly, I don't remember these relationships too vividly and I don't particularly care. My husband blighted these men out of the picture years ago and he's the only man I ever loved and will ever love.

It was a fun time in my life with zero regrets. We didn't hookup back then but seemed to catch big feelings. Romance was in the air and Gen-X men were smooth, tough and crazy about us.

"Alpha widow" is nonexistent in my generation. There were plenty of masculine, handsome, virile men to go around. I could make comparisons today in seeing modernized, effeminate guys everywhere being a rare occurrence if it ever occurred at all.

Now, it's a rarer occurrence to see legit masculine men where your insides get gooey and shapeshift. These men still do exist but it's harder than ever before to find a guy who has any testosterone.

And when you're with a man who has (high) testosterone, you tend to pick up on a lot of things. Like:

1) He's not going to take any shit from you. If you try to emasculate him, he'll leave and never come back.

2) He will require respect from you. You have to treat him like a man. He's not a child, not a baby, and not a wimp looking for a mommy. He needs you to be the kind of woman who knows how to treat a man.

3) He's seen it all before. He's had every kind of woman you can possibly imagine try and force, entice, nag and stalk him for commitment. You do not have "the golden p*ssy" here and you will have to make use of your feminine wiles to move him or chances are, he won't even budge.

And below, I'm going to give you some girl game techniques erring on sociopathy (lol) that will help you move the needle towards getting him obsessed.

WARNING: If you feel too weak and helpless with a man like this (the kind that does make you feel weak and helpless), you may have a campfire's luck in a storm employing these techniques.

Never bite off more than you can chew. If you can't handle him, he will walk all over you. And his feelings for you will change because he will lose respect for you.

But these tips will work if you can work your magic like a woman. So here goes: