How to Invoke Your Dark Feminine and Get Any Man Completely Hooked

"Play with him. Switch it up. Play on all those 'man things' that are important to him and mix them up and jumble them together. He will be obsessed with you in no time and you will have all his attention. For DAYS.

How to Invoke Your Dark Feminine and Get Any Man Completely Hooked

You may well have heard through the grapevine the power of invoking your "dark feminine" and taking a walk on the wilder and more dangerous side of your femininity.

Embracing your "dark feminine" is deeply frowned upon (most notably in the red pill sphere especially) for two major reasons:

1) Men know instinctively they are left totally powerless and defenseless against the dark feminine.

2) Women tend to balk at it because they find it too elusive and unachievable for them to exhibit. Thus, they pretend to "despise" it meanwhile, if someone could bottle it and sell it, they'd be the first in line to buy.

In other words, people the world over understand its tremendous power. The femme fetale, the bad girl seductress, and the man-eater has been the utmost feminine sexual archetype in cultures for millennia.

Unfortunately, the dark feminine has been bastardized in Western culture to mean being a clumsy feminist woman who sleeps around. And on the flip side of that coin is the tradiot communal archetype where no one woman feels truly feminine but instead feels repressed in any expression of her natural female sexuality.

The dark feminine presents a very powerful, fun and thrilling existence for women (and for the men as well who find themselves unwittingly within its clutches). The dark feminine gets to be bad and dangerous without giving themselves away to men. They get to be alluring and mysterious while imprinting themselves in a man's brain forevermore.

So let's get down to business on how you can invoke your dark feminine and get a man hooked on you: