How Gender Equality is Destroying Your Relationships

"You are a misogynist and have boatloads of hate in your heart if you're a woman who loves your husband and wants to sexually serve only him without having to be an online prostitute."

How Gender Equality is Destroying Your Relationships

Gender "equality" is a bigger part of the sociosexual landscape (for worse). And you younger folks who happen to delight in this blog at length are the true counter-cultural warriors railing against these top to bottom gender delusions.

The push for equality among the sexes has greatly diminished our appreciation for what men and women can offer one another by any complementary measure that is integral to any lasting relationship leading to marriage.

Women realize that men performing domestic labor just doesn't make them misty down there in the nether regions. It doesn't stoke their feminine desires.

Instead they picture a man building an ornate porch and an awning while they bring him a tall, cool one because that's what does stoke their feminine desires.

And men realize that sparring with women and competing with them through higher education and earning power, and these unladylike gals with nasty 'tudes demanding they pay for all the dates and the light bill, leaves them feeling unneeded and unwanted.

"I don't need no man to pay! I can take care of myself," is the biggest boner killer for any red-blooded heterosexual man if there ever was one.

Why do we feel as though we must conform to this widespread gender dysfunction? Why can't we learn to accept and appreciate one another for our fundamental differences as men and women? How is it destroying your relationships and what can you do about it?

What the Opposite Sex Can Do Well is What We Admire and Ultimately Respect About Them

There's a reason men get an erection at the idea of coming home, a king to his castle, and getting served up a delicious, hot plate of food.

It's a primal mechanism that drives this desire, not a political one. It's not a pop cultural boob tube thing nor is it some online tradiot larper thing that women are to audition for in trying to get a man to commit.

Several months back I discussed my own selfish needs as a woman on Instagram in cooking and cleaning for my husband.

I understood instinctively that him returning home from work facing untold stress on the job, and making our home an oasis for him to put his feet up and relax, would keep our marriage on solid ground.

I had a sky high sex drive. I wanted to make love to my husband for years every day, rain or shine, without failure. I knew that tending to his needs as a man in providing him with a home-cooked meal and some peace and quiet for a couple of hours after he walked through the door would albeit guarantee I would get the sex I needed night after night.

This is also a very primal desire for a man. To be tended to in this way (quiet time and relaxation after a stressful day, food and sex, in that order) makes a man happy. Happy life, happy wife (NOT happy wife, happy life).

Stop making it a constant struggle to fall into these very natural gender roles that make your relationship workable, enjoyable and fulfilling. Traditional gender roles make your lives as a couple run smoothly and seamlessly. It makes the sexual intimacy between you both exceedingly worthwhile so that outside distractions can't and won't affect your relationship.

It's your own little world of Little Ms. Suzie Homemaker and The Big Boss Man being fulfilled and happy together as a couple in the most instinctive way possible between a man and a woman.

When you are in your feminine, you want to cook and clean to please your husband and make him happy. When a man is in his masculine, he wants to work hard, make more money and take care of his wife financially.

This is instinctual. Gender psyops aside, it is up to you to embrace these roles as being the correct approach in your relationship. No one in society will support you in embracing this counter-cultural return to masculine and feminine gender ideals. Instead, they tell you to never get married so you can drink, masturbate, take pills and assume a life of crushing loneliness until you're 95 years old.

These Gross Goons Convince You What Men and Women Do Well in Their Own Right Isn't Attractive Nor Desirable

The brainwashed NPC woman below has reduced the idea of a man desiring to financially support and provide for a woman (which was always a very natural phenomenon throughout history until now) to a fetish or some bastardized form of ill-gotten "male" gains:

You getting it now? You can sell your sexual goods to any man but a husband. Women are just hunky dory in sexually servicing strange men on the street who don't give a shit about them but have a real problem with doing it for a man who is fully committed.

You see this NPC unadulterated brainwashing everywhere.

You are a misogynist and have boatloads of hate in your heart if you're a woman who loves your husband and wants to sexually serve only him without having to be an online prostitute.

You're toxically masculine as a man if you believe that a woman's place is in the home, safe, sound, protected and well-cared for in tending to her needs without employing a harlot for hire.

Everywhere you look an NPC of some rotten variety is insisting there is something wrong with you if you believe that men and women should get married and strictly do this sexual business with each other monogamously.

Here's another gem from a feminist who's insistent upon arguing about male duties vs. female duties:

I'm certain they also chide women for taking care of the inside of a home which to them is also paltry, meaningless work. You simply cannot win unless you are an NPC degenerate in some commonly "acceptable" form as is promoted today.

They argue day and night about proper gender roles and take Gender Weirdness 101 at the local community college and suddenly they are "experts" on male and female dynamics. Meanwhile, none of them are married nor have any children.

Accept Human Nature and Reject These Gender Distortions

I get it. Everyone around you is convincing you that you are maladjusted, have some mental or emotional deficit, or you're just plain ol' hateful and bigoted if you instinctively desire to be a man or woman.

Put down the propaganda and listen to your own desires. And accept them.

Accept that you can envision yourself loving, marrying and devoting your life to a man who can take care of you, provide for you and protect.

Accept that you desire a feminine, kind and nurturing woman to look after your needs, support you and be your muse.

Accept that every institution in the English-speaking world and beyond will not honor you in these natural human desires and aspirations. Nor will any modern, trendy podcaster with a clever studio setup who tells you all men cheat, women are whores and you're better off dying alone.

I've helped countless people (many under 25) get married. They see beyond the lies and fabrications of this NPC-spun culture of lemmings veering off a cliff who are too stubbornly brainwashed to think for themselves.

It is up to you to take the reins and take back your lives. And behind closed doors and under the covers at night, nestled up with that very special man or woman, is where a great marriage takes place. It doesn't take place on these deranged coomer podcasts, it takes precedent in your own lives and how you choose to live them.

Everyone is lying to you. And you must see the truth. The future is yours and it belongs to you.

You deserve love and a great marriage. And falling in line with this corrupt culture in sheer disrepair is the surest way to ensure it won't happen for you.

Be above it. I spent my entire life railing against the creeping rot of cultural conformity lurking around every corner and I've been married going on 21 years as a result.

If I can do it, you can too.

Love and Many Blessings,


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