Advice to Women Who Want to Find a Husband in Today's Dating Climate

"If a man doesn't want to commit to you, he doesn't love you. Period. And it's even more accurate to say, he doesn't even like you. Men aren't on the fence about the women they love. But they're perpetually on the fence about women they don't truly care about."

Advice to women who want marriage

No doubt I teach a lot of game techniques that are timeless and work seamlessly even (and especially) in today's haphazard dating climate. Social psychology is immutable and human behavior will never cease to be human behavior. People are people and they will continue to do what they do and have done for hundreds of thousands of years in the realm of courting and relationships.

Perhaps it's my own solipsism at work here because I tend to view today's batty and turbulent dating landscape through my own lens–if I was single, I would be out here making clowns out of people who play games for sport. Did it when I was young and I'd have no qualms about doing it now.

And many of the women for whom I've curated these game techniques have been able to find success. The men are much more attentive, more respectful and these ladies have their pick and choose between some very desirable men.