Are All Men Douchebags? Here's the Truth

"Do you really think your woman wants to sit there and listen to you talk about some other woman's t*ts? Or how great her [insert sexual organ here] felt?"

Are all men douchebags? Here's the truth

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to be offensive to men or be a man-hater. I'm not trying to tear men down or make them look bad either. And I'm definitely not going to go out and protest men with hairy underarms and insist they need to do a synchronized dive in unison into a volcano.

But I just have to ask, why are so many men douchebags, at least to some degree? Where they wind up saying very hurtful things to women, very often without realizing it?

Just today I had a woman in my DMs on Instagram telling me she broke up with a guy she's been serious with because he told her she'd look better with a "big IG ass." That he wishes she was more "petite and smaller." That she would look "sooo much better" if she would just fix this or that about herself.

I've also had men say things like that to me in the past. I think all of us women have been there at some point. And there are a number of things that occur to us when the man we're in love with starts talking about his douchey preferences: