Why Being an Asshole is Sometimes Necessary with Women and How to Unleash Your Inner Asshole

"They're playing childish games and pushing every button to try and get you to react. They're trying to make you look stupid. They're being disrespectful (and they KNOW it) in trying to get you to bend the knee and make you look even more stupid."

Why asshole game is necessary

Depending on what kind of man you are and what kind of mindset you have towards women, you may be completely at home with being an asshole. Or like most of today's men, you may very likely be extremely uncomfortable with being an asshole.

Most of the men I deal with fall within the latter category–they're deathly afraid of being an asshole to women.

This guy probably sounds like you:

You're always walking on eggshells. You're trying to do everything in your power not to upset her. You're always saying "yes" when you know darn well deep down inside that you want to say no and you SHOULD but never do.

This is unattractive. This is emasculating. This is the friendzone. This is also breakup and "see ya wouldn't wanna be ya" red flag territory.

This is the point in your relationship where everything is precarious and is on shaky ground and your relationship is headed straight for the gutter.