Crucially Important Steps to Be Better With Women

"If they had any luck with women at all, they'd understand that they wouldn't need to pursue that kind of lifestyle in order to get a woman to love them. Women fall in love with all types of men from varying demographics every day."

Crucially Important Steps to Be Better With Women

I realize lately I've been going on and on about how to be better with women for the menfolk here, but there are certain details about this process that are often overlooked.

Numero uno, if you are friendzoning yourself and hanging out with chicks (a guy earlier today told me this is what he's been doing with his spare time lately), you need to drop these "friendly" chicks and get out of the friendzone pronto.

STOP hanging around with women in the friendzone. You should only be situating yourself with women you are romantically interested in and shooting your shot with them romantically.

Quit assuming the friendzone is any route towards getting your foot in the door with women. It isn't. And someone else also mentioned women are never really honest about men, especially friendzoned men, about what they want (which is also true).

But I assure you, when a woman has you in the friendzone, she is being completely honest with you about wanting nothing with you romantically. You are NEVER going to become a romantic interest to any woman who has put you in the friendzone.

So it's in your best interests to stop being friends with women altogether. I'll explain more below...