Debunking Hypergamy - Why Women Don't Care About Your Money

There's a metric freak ton of bad advice floating around in red pill circles in which red pill men insist men need to be rich and that's virtually all it takes to attract any number of beautiful women.

Debunking Hypergamy - Why Women Don't Care About Your Money

There's a metric freak ton of bad advice floating around in red pill circles in which red pill men insist men need to be rich and that's virtually all it takes to attract any number of beautiful women.

This couldn't be further from the truth and it matters not how often these mistruths are recast and barfed up throughout the red pill airwaves. It's objectively false and there's a multitude of reasons why.

"Man made the money, money never made the man." - LL Cool J

And red pill men consistently push "alpha fux beta bux" memetic subterfuge at every turn yet they completely disregard why the "alpha fux" in this equation attracts women in the first place–all while ridiculing men who are beta bux in conjunction with encouraging men to be beta bux in order to attract women.

That makes zero sense on paper and on any objective level. Which is a testament to how clueless red pill men really are when it comes female attraction.

Here's the complete and unabashed truth as to why red pill men are unsuccessful with women:

They refuse to accept the reality concerning what genuinely attracts women at a biological level–and they spurn any notion that flies in the face of their falsehoods and egoism because they refuse to measure up to these objective standards.

Therefore they take up some thinly-veiled mimicry of feminism e.g. feminists insist men shouldn't be attracted to beautiful girls with small waists and large breasts, and many red pill men insist women shouldn't be attracted to brute male strength and savagery.

Throughout my entire lifetime of 44 years I've seen countless unemployed bums and convicted felons have far more success with women than any red pill beta bux pusher on Reddit or 4chan.

So let us pick apart male strength and why it supersedes any other male characteristic of which women find objectively attractive.

Male Strength Defined

I had a couple of fellows ask me to define male strength because the term as it sits is "vague" and open to interpretation.

I said to them, "There's nothing vague nor subjective about male strength. People know it when they see it and it is unmistakable. As a man you know what makes a man strong."

And for any man reading this, you also know without a doubt what makes a man strong. Whether you find that certain expression of male strength a discomforting blow to your own ego and sensibilities or not is irrelevant. Male strength just is.

And in this day and age, any characteristic of male strength that can be observable by society at large (especially anything that is labeled "toxic masculinity" which means you're definitely on the right track concerning male strength) is going to be mercilessly attacked.

If contemporary society doesn't agree with certain conceptions of male strength, that's a sure bet it's the kind of male strength you should acclimate yourself to and pursue with dedication.

What Do Women Really Think About Your Money?

Money is important and being able to provide for a woman is important. This is also objective reality.

However, women think of money in terms of the whole package and what a man's money represents as a reflection of who he is and what he has to offer.

Red pill men insist, "Wahmen love men's money and don't love anything else."

If that was the case why are so many men getting blindsided in divorce?

Women don't take strong men to the judge and humiliate them in divorce proceedings. A strong man often has the mental and emotional fortitude to never allow himself to be humiliated by a woman in divorce, notwithstanding the mental resources to prevent that from happening long before divorce is ever on the table–and surprise, strong men are often even stronger in their convictions to preserve their own wealth.

Women who divorce men don't take half strictly because they want the money. While that's a big part of it, it has more to do with humiliating a passive and weaker man and steamrolling him which is why she left him in the first place.

Women don't typically leave strong men. And when they do leave a man, it's often for a much stronger man, NOT a richer man. No red pill man ever takes that into consideration however, do they?

How and Why Success Represents Male Strength

There are certain objective aspects concerning a man who has achieved an enviable level of success. And I can promise you they have zero to do with men achieving success to attract women–this is just part of the reward and not the reward itself.

Men who are successful do many things that unsuccessful men are just plain unwilling to do. Like get up and face the world and all the ugly obstacles they are confronted with for years and even decades which reinforces male strength.

There are huge misconceptions that a successful man just lays in bed with a harem of women at his feet filing his toenails without him having to perform at a difficult level to achieve social status resulting in unwavering male strength. He just supposedly shows up out of thin air and gets all the women.

The successful man was and is up late at night while other unsuccessful men are asleep. He was facing daily challenges with crappy people in rigorously crappy social situations that formulated his strength and confidence.

He was forced to man up and achieve what he wants in life and it was never just handed to him–and as a result he has more strength and confidence in himself than the average naysayer entitled man who thinks he deserves women just because he has a few dollars in his wallet while possessing zero male strength or confidence.

Success is to women the end result of the required level of male strength that women are aware is mandatory for men to achieve it, not the money itself.

Women Can Make Endless Amounts of Their Own Money - What They Can't and Will Never Be Able to Compensate for is the Lack of Male Strength

Male strength very much consists in a vacuum. There is no human substitute for male strength that women can realize for themselves. And there will never be any equivalent that will fill the gap of male strength in a woman's life.

Which is why they call the plumber when the toilet doesn't flush. Why they call the sheriff when someone is breaking down the front door. Which is why they can't fend for themselves out in the wild horribleness of the world without men.

In today's world, women can make their own money. And "hypergamy" doesn't mean they want a man who makes more money than they do. Hypergamy means to worship a man who can do all the things she can't do as a woman.

There is an undeniable component in women seeking a man who is "better" than she is. Just bear in mind that no woman will ever be able to best a man's strength. There is no glass ceiling for women to bust through to achieve male strength. If you want to keep a woman and have her be loyal to you, be stronger than she is as a man. NOT a stronger version of a woman or the woman herself.

I don't spend much time debunking red pill misinformation though perhaps I should. Red pill men are either naive and don't understand what women find attractive in men, or worse, they are spreading disinformation to keep YOU from achieving a level of objective attractiveness that keeps women loyal.

Only you can decipher that for yourself as a man.

Love and Many Blessings,


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