For Men: How to Quit Being a F*cking Dork

"Men have to be tested before they will triumph. Men have to LIVE before they can truly know how to love a woman. They have to understand life's struggles from the unique standpoint of being a man."

How to quit being a dork for men

Pardon the swearing but I feel like there's really no other way to describe being a dork these days without putting the F word in front of the designation. It's that big of an issue (for both men and women).

And it poses a problem because women aren't going to like you as a man if you display dorkiness aka social awkwardness.

I've been talking about dorks lately a lot on Instagram and being Gen-X it's a bit of a foreign concept to me just how far off in the other direction coolness has become where dorkiness has now become the gold standard. Coolness has gone by the wayside where both men and women aren't cool anymore (I'll be writing about how women can stop being dorks tomorrow).

Dorkiness for men can be defined as: