How and When to Be Vulnerable With Someone for a Deeper Connection

"It takes courage to have these tough talks that nobody wants to have–especially when we're left completely 'in the dark' about how the other person feels."

How and when to be vulnerable in a relationship

People have a lot of trouble with timing their vulnerability these days especially with everything being topsy turvy in the dating marketplace. And I can't say I blame them because it can feel like a dagger right through the heart when your vulnerability isn't well-received. And even more so when you realize your values surrounding any potential relationship will be challenged to a greater extent.

Though I don't believe that most people out there are "keeping a tight score" in terms of how they appear vulnerable to others. Many people definitely want that special connection of a lifetime and they are willing to extend themselves. But are they doing it in the right way? Should they "keep score"? Should they be more reserved in their approach?

I definitely think there's a lot of breathing room for people to be much more conscientious and self-aware in their relationships before they extend very vulnerable parts of themselves.