How Do You Know If She's a Liar?

"A person who is telling you the truth will generally stand by the truth and the veracity of their claims. And they will often defend the truth, NOT get defensive in you asking if whether or not they're telling the truth."

How Do You Know If She's a Liar?

A young man wrote in inquiring as to how he can ascertain whether a woman is a "chronic liar" and how to tell if a woman's lying. It can be difficult to detect lies if she's a skillful liar but the thing with liars is they generally can't keep their story straight and they slip up quite frequently. You simply have to pay close attention and put two and two together.

There are some key behaviors you can observe to figure out if she's lying but mostly, it's in their overblown overreaction to you searching for the truth.

Like Judge Judy says, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

I've found that people who lie have a lot to hide. Which explains this young man's inquiry–he wants to uncover the truth. And truthfully, if you are already suspicious about her lying and your intuition is telling you she's lying (and you're not on drugs suffering a bout of paranoia), chances are things aren't going too swiftly in your relationship.