How Simps Feed Into Women's Delusions

Men lead the way. And women follow. And if you're a simpy dork in the DMs, you're adding to the problem. As are your thirsty, pathetic terminally online brethren.

How Simps Feed Into Women's Delusions

On last night's stream I discussed how today's men are feeding into women's egos through cheap and meaningless online attention.

I also talked about how today's Chads will sleep with them further inflating their egos because women today believe that sexual attention is the be all and end all of getting a man to commit.

I explained that men are going to have start shaming their brethren into not simping. It is making the prospect of finding a good and decent woman impossible for the whole of men.

No woman needs to clean up her act because she has 75 dorks piling up in various apps with false flattery at any given moment insisting they're 10s.

A lot of men want to complain about women's bad attitudes and insisting they're the best thing since sliced bread.

Welp, women didn't get that way without weak men worshipping women online.

We didn't have that luxury in my generation. Men didn't bow down to us just because we looked hot. They were very strong mentally and emotionally and had standards. And they were never thirsty. Whipped maybe at times, but never thirsty.

They told us we were ugly, fat, stupid, slutty (HEAVENS) and whatever negative designation was appropriate in the moment. They told us the truth. And if we were pretty and everything else didn't check out, men didn't want to have anything to do with us.

And we took it like champs. We didn't run to the PC police and demand guys face a firing squad for using mean words. And we learned something from it, gained some humility, and we put our best foot forward.

I even mentioned that people used to call women "dogs" in those days if they weren't attractive. Yeah, yeah, I know that's MEAN and HORRIBLE. ALL women are beautiful, no exceptions, right?

You can never criticize today's women for anything. They can be overweight, have the worst attitude, sleep around and be horrifying folks all around and they will still have 50 simps in the DMs kissing their asses just for showing up.

Gen-X men didn't treat us well unless we were decent girls. Our men were very particular about women's behavior and they were cruel and callous towards promiscuous women.

And if women had bad attitudes, men would make them look stupid. They'd check them right there on the spot and destroy them with some smartass remark and put them in line.

I'll clue you in, guys. That's what women actually want. For you to set a standard for them.

Every dork in the DMs has no standards. Which is why these women refuse to live up to any standard.

Men lead the way. And women follow. And if you're a simpy dork in the DMs, you're adding to the problem. As are your thirsty, pathetic terminally online brethren.

Something's got to give. Something's got to change.

You can be the man who leads the way and sets them straight. Women want to change but will only do so for the right guy who has standards and the balls to check them on their ridiculous behavior.

Get some balls and stop simping. It all starts there.

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