How to Have Better Game As a Woman

"And no amount of trad performance malarkey and trying to win him over through kissing his backside and being available to him 24/7 no questions asked is going to make him care about you."

How to Have Better Game As a Woman

During last evening's episode of The Jen-X Show, I exposed all kinds of shenanigans with today's women and their lack of game across the board.

And I also mentioned it's really not their fault. It's not like we've had any charm schools for women in recent times since likely the 1940s. Being charming isn't something women aspire to and it's even something to be frowned upon according to today's upside down modern culture.

They're quick to call you a pickme if you're ever nice to men. They'll call you a pickme if you ever want to do favors for men and be kind to them.

And I can't help but notice that the vast majority of these women who insist that being nice to men is weak and pitiful are also the same women who dive right into pickme mode (on steroids) with the first masculine man who will even bother with them.

These are the same women who will let a man walk all over them. They think that a disrespectful guy watching Instagram stories, is using them for sex and is treating them like a pile of horse manure in-between means the world when it comes to men.

Unlike these chicks, I've never driven across state lines in the middle of the night to bring hot soup to some noncommittal man that doesn't give a damn about me. And yet, that's what they do.

Thus they shouldn't throw stones when they're in a glass house in declaring other women pickmes when they do pickme dirt better than anyone else. They make an art form out of being a masochist for an uncommitted man.

I digress.

So let us begin to delve into how you can be a great woman with game who is charming and doesn't have to be a desperate pickme for the first masculine man that comes along...