How to Resolve Conflict With a Woman

"And she'll readily return and really start probing you to get to the bottom of the issue to make things right again. She doesn't want to be neck deep in the conflict and she'll want to resolve it."

How to resolve conflict with a woman

I keep seeing insecurity and fear of abandonment subterfuge along the lines of, "Don't chase her, replace her," in online male self-development circles concerning resolving conflict with women.

Had a real dandy pop up today that read, "All women are replaceable," and went onto instruct men that it's inadvisable to ever love a woman. "You will get your heart broken, ya simpy loser!"

Guys, let me just say that your ability to deeply love a woman is NOT a handicap. It's not a roadblock to finding lasting happiness with a woman. Nor is it some embarrassing, death spiral, cringy male flaw either.

It is wired in your DNA to develop fondness for a woman with reckless abandon and become attached for life through this innate ability to love. Because if you didn't, you would easily be overcome by your male lust (that most all men have on a palpable scale) and you wouldn't be able to bond, get married and have children with any one woman.