How to Tell If a Man is a Cheater

"If he cared, he wouldn't cheat. He wouldn't want to jeopardize your connection and he wouldn't want to risk losing you. Cheat flexing isn't mixed signals. He's clearly expressing that you mean nothing to him."

How to Tell If a Man is a Cheater

Last night on The Jen-X Show, I discussed the big misconception and large scale misinformation campaign being perpetrated by the red pill/manosphere that all successful, desirable men cheat.

I'm pretty fed up with these clowns bullshitting women insisting that no woman is ever going to lock down successful, desirable man unless she agrees to be a simpy doormat and accept a man's cheating.

It's bollocks. A man is either a cheater or he isn't irrespective of his social standing. And if he so happens to be a man who came from nothing and made his way up the ladders of success and "suddenly" decides he's going to start cheating, he was always a cheater to begin with. He just appeared to be better at hiding his shit behavior when he had nothing.

I want you gals to understand that there are successful men out there who aren't effeminate and worship at the altar of punanny who are ready to settle down and have a family and make that their utmost male priority.

You simply aren't going to find any great dude like that in the manosphere. You're not going to find him in the dank armpit corners of the earth where sleazy dudes gather around brothels and watch butt shows either.

Not every guy with a few bucks to his name is Jack Nicholson. There are plenty of normal guys out there who make a great living and don't have issues with infidelity.

So let's get to work on helping you figure out if any guy you may be involved with is a cheat or has the potential to cheat...