How to Tell If a Man is Actually Serious About You and Isn't Intent on Wasting Your Better Years

"True love is deeply inspiring to men. They want to move mountains! He'll suddenly wake up one day and want to be a better man. You will have inspired him to want to do more."

How to tell if a man is serious about you

This issue has been coming up for me a lot lately where I get question after question from women who ask me something along the lines of:

"I've been dating this guy for a year now and he hasn't even broached the subject of marriage. I really love him and I want to get married but I'm not sure how to bring it up without offending him or scaring him away."

First off, no man who truly wants to marry you is going to be put off by you and suddenly run away in you asking him about marriage. It's a very fair question to ask and it's important to get clarification on it as soon as possible if marriage is your goal.

But many women will completely overlook a man's behavior and his actions and fall prey to his cheap words.

"Oh but he said XYZ! He said that ABC could be in the cards in 2 years. He's just not ready yet!"

And they wind up making all the excuses in the world for him. They will dance around every aspect to the contrary that's staring them in the face for years on end in favor of swallowing a bunch of empty and meaningless words.