How to Tell If She's Using You for Meals and Freebies

"There's that old saying, 'You can't con a con.' You have to think like a con here. You have to be able to read people and spot ulterior motives. You also have to be willing to put period where it belongs, cut your losses, dust 'em, and move on.

How to tell if she's using you for meals and freebies

There's a new age cultural phenomenon occurring in which legions of unsuspecting men declare they've been duped and taken for a ride by women who only want to extract monetary resources from them–in the way of meals especially.

There's also the flip side of that coin where there are groups of unscrupulous women who have it out to use men for all this free stuff.

Both of these are undoubtedly true. Men are being used and women are using them. It's indeed a sh*tshow and I have seen many detailed accounts on the internet for which this has become far more common than it was in years past.

However, not all women you will encounter are out to use you for free stuff and you can definitely protect yourself from women who are.

I'm also noticing an unmistakable pattern among men who are being used for freebies: