How to Text Like a Man and Get Real Results

"Yes, beautiful! I'm so happy rn. You make heart beat so hard in my chest and you are so cute and gorgeous that I can hardly contain myself! What would you like to do afterward? I think we should snuggle and make s'mores 🤗🫣💗🤪💔❤️‍🩹🤌🫀" Don't even bother with this. Ever.

How to Text Like a Man and Get Real Results

I'm tired of seeing men texting like women. I'm also doubly tired of seeing men get very poor to zero results in doing so.

Funny enough I'm a married woman who's not even on the single's scene and these texts drive me up the wall. Everywhere I look on social media, I see cringy texts from men emoting to women like crazed little girls at an NSYNC concert.

Luckily, if you need more in-depth instructions on how to text like a pro, I also have a texting course available that will have you expertly texting virtually anyone, forever getting them hooked and keeping their attention focused solely on you.

And today, we're going to shed light on the fact that a lot of guys need a lot of help with their texting.

First, let me start out by telling you flat out what never to do when you text women:

  • Stop sending so many emojis for Pete's sake. One or two very sparingly is fine. Sending pile after pile of emojis just makes you look bad. And very effeminate. That's what girls and little kids do, not grown men.
  • Refrain from sending sappy messages. A text message is not an invitation for you to start in on some dramatic Hallmark Channel dialogue.
  • Stop with the canned intros and responses. "Good morning, beautiful! Goodnight, beautiful! Good morning, beautiful! Goodnight, beautiful!" day in and day out followed by a bunch of girly emojis has got to go. Yesterday.
  • Quit answering texts immediately every single time. Yeah I know, you can't leave her waiting! Heaven forbid you have a life and some business to attend to like a man. She might lose interest! NOT. You need to eliminate this mentality altogether immediately if you have it.

Now that we've gotten all that secondhand embarrassment out of the way, let's dive into how you can text a woman like a man and get some actual results.