How to Vet a Man to See If He's Virtuous

"It's important that women start screening these guys early and often. Thus, you won't have to waste any of your precious time, resources and fertility on a non-committal tirekicker, time-wasting loser."

How to Vet a Man to See If He's Virtuous

I've seen a number of videos clips lately that declare "it doesn't pay off" for women to be virtuous because only promiscuous, slutty women online have any luck in the dating and relationship arena.

And I'm pretty sure we can all attest to the fact that this isn't true in any sense at all. They may get a lot of cheap, online attention, but none of them are being taken seriously by any desirable, good, masculine man.

Women are being pressured to be harlots. Everywhere you look in modern society, skankism is being promoted as the "holy grail" for women.

First, you must understand that being terminally online absorbing this information has nothing to do with the real world.

There ARE upstanding guys out there who don't follow thirst trap IG prostitutes.

There ARE great guys out there with a level head on their shoulders who aren't degenerates and reprobates.

Occasionally I look at the profiles of some of my followers and I can't help but to notice that these guys aren't following Instagram butt models and OnlySimps accounts.

Perfectly normal, well-adjusted men very much do exist in modern society who are ready to find a virtuous woman and have a great relationship.

So don't let all the blackpilling discourage you. The online world often does not translate to reality.

And in last night's stream I talked about the double standards of red pill men who have been forever disenfranchised from having any luck with women. Thus, they are the most desperate among us and that much more susceptible to getting up to all kinds of shady, unsavory business online resulting in being coomers, cheaters, undercover fruitcakes, male feminists, you name it.

So I want to help you as women to determine how you can vet a man to see if he's a good man who's suitable for a relationship and how to proceed if he isn't.

The following is how you can ascertain whether or not you should move forward in pairing up with a guy in any potential relationship...