Major Red Flags in Women You Should Never Ignore

"The glut of entitled women online is bourgeois flexing with the "6 foot, 6 figures, 6 inches" in their bios. Meanwhile they are often overweight and tend to look like a horse's behind in making these demands."

Major Red Flags in Women You Should Never Ignore

The other night on The Jen-X Show we discussed some major red flags in women and I featured some footage of older basket case chicks wandering Africa and The Middle East "in search of themselves."

They are unmarried, alone and childless. And they're giving you a lot of hook, line and sinker bs stating that glamour, cash, traveling and one night stand excursions on far away continents is going to make up for them being unmarried, alone and childless.

But what if you're a guy and you have yet to find a woman and screen her for these shady type tendencies? What if you should require several more clues to help you along this road in picking out the right woman for you?

First, I'm going to suggest that you not think with your boner. I realize that guys tend to fall hardest for the girl that makes them the hardest, but that's also a very poor strategy in gauging character and assessing if a woman is fit to hang with you long-term.

The reason these women seem to think that looks is all that's required to keep a man is because SIMPS insist that's all that's required to keep a man.

Hence why women today don't live up to any standard that would make them a good wife, companion, help meet and potential mother. They have piss poor attitudes and they are entitled from here to Christmas because men's low standards across the board isn't lighting a fire underneath them to want to change.

Thus, it's up to you individually as a man to look at the woman sitting in front of you and see behind all the Loreal and assess her character. And more importantly, to stop rewarding bad behavior in women.

So just how do you spot bad behavior in women? Even if she seems to be above it all? It makes sense that during the early dating stages we tend to be on our best behavior.

And the following is how you can begin to read between the lines and assess a woman's character to see if she's actually a good woman or a woman who can give you a boner and virtually nothing else.

Let's take a look, shall we?