Red Pill Rescue Ep 3. - The Difference Between Simps and Good Men

Red pill rescue simps vs good men

I hope you were able to tune into last night's episode of Red Pill Rescue where we discussed the difference between simps and good men. The lines are a bit crossed and remain a forever blurred in today's dating environment where, according to the red pill, if a man even wants to pay for a woman's meal, she's deemed a gold-digger and he's a simp.

Then you have pickmes who insult a man in not letting him pay essentially declaring, "I don't need you and I don't value you as a man," and it's emasculating. Let him pay, ladies. Put your damned wallet away and give a man the opportunity to demonstrate he likes you and wants to invest in you.

Traditional gender roles still reign supreme and will always reign supreme in dating–women will always appreciate a man who pays and a man should open his wallet and treat a woman if he expects to make a good impression. Paying will help foster a connection in which the woman will actually want to see him again and pursue something further.

Guys, women still want to be treated like a lady. The only time you shouldn't treat a woman like a lady is when she isn't being one. Using you for free meals? That's definitely not ladylike and you are most certainly at full liberty to ask for separate checks.

The only time you shouldn't pay for a woman is when you don't want to see her again. If you like the woman and want to build a rapport with her, open up your wallet (which is equivalent to a man's heart) and pay.

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