Red Pill Rescue Ep. 4 - Oneitis and the Alpha Widow

Red Pill Rescue Ep. 4 - Oneitis and the Alpha Widow

Hi All, in case you missed it, last week's episode of Red Pill Rescue with my lovely lovepilled bestie, Alana, was pretty interesting to say the least (and informative as always lol). We talked about how alpha widows are made, bred, why they end up becoming alpha widowed in the first place, and what women can do to prevent themselves from becoming alpha widowed.

We also talked about how men love and how they become attached to women. The most important takeaway here is this: love defies all logic. We often find ourselves loving someone that we perhaps never really planned on loving. And before we know it, we're in too deep and we're in it for life.

Is there a cure for alpha widowism? So far, I have yet to find one. It's usually something we learn to live with for better or worse. And telling women not to pursue relationships with desirable men who may have the propensity and inclination to alpha widow them is a tall order–when we want to love, we do it with reckless abandon.

The two-hour discussion can be found below:

Also, I won't be attending this week's episode of Red Pill Rescue tomorrow night because it's my husband's birthday! But I will definitely be back next week were we will be discussing men's dirty little secret: dating down. Oh lord! Lots to unhash then.

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