Spotting Predatory Male Behavior According to Today's Trends

"He could be a 'forever girlfriend' farmer where he spends decades with various women that he doesn't even like or likes just enough to keep around for the affection, company and sex."

Predatory male behavior

I'm keenly aware the people who read my work are pretty objective and straight-edge concerning dating and relationships–they're seeking connection, love, meaningful companionship and eventually, marriage.

Whereas the people who aren't tend to wander elsewhere being that I have no content here that would be useful (nor relevant) to them that would serve their interests. That being said, I'm going to open up a can of worms (the men here shouldn't take offense to what I'm about to write because they are the good guys) concerning today's predatory male behavior that many women I deal with are blind to–and they are being exploited because of it.

Short history lesson: