Top 3 Do's and Don'ts With Men You're Dating

"The ONLY man who is going to truly appreciate your domestic, feminine gifts in the home and the kitchen is a HUSBAND. So just stop. It isn't going to help you one bit if a man doesn't want to commit to you."

Top 3 Do's and Don'ts With Men You're Dating

On my stream the other night (of which I experienced some technical difficulties and I was forced to delete so my apologies for that), a lovely young lady asked me what are my top 3 do's and don'ts for women with the men they're dating.

She also mentioned that many men seem to only want sex.

I want you gals to know that it isn't always personal when a man treats you this way.

Men EXPECT casual sex because so many trashy girls these days have casual sex with random men. And the men have come to demand it from any woman they meet.

And she also wanted to know if it's "too masculine" to be rude or nasty with a man who is pushing for sex.

I said that I believe this is the one appropriate occasion in which a woman can and should be masculine with a man. Ferociously masculine, to be exact.

I do not tolerate men who treat me like trash. In any way shape or form. Never have and never will.

I have on several occasions in my younger years told them straight up to go f*ck themselves. And to go lay up with their mother if they want to get some. I said a slew of other things that would definitely be considered masculine, especially by pickme fEmINinE trads online who insist getting taken advantage of and exploited by uncommitted, cheater men is totally fine and permitted.

HEAVENS! A woman not being feminine with a man who's not treating her like a lady! And is attempting to use and abuse her like a common street whore! The horror!

Well, as I said, I personally found this was necessary. And the men didn't treat me any less than for it after the fact. I got them to come around and they knocked that crap off. They even seemed to like, respect and appreciate me fiercely defending myself in this way too.

Rarely will a woman hit them with that blunt edge when it actually matters. And it often gets their attention and sustains it. He will be taken aback by it at first, but he WILL change his mind about you if you defend your punanny, your honor and your dignity like it's all out war.

Because it is a WAR out here. A war for your feminine soul. They want you to have casual sex with as many uncommitted men as possible according to society and its ever-decreasing and low societal standards.

So there are some definite do's and don'ts in conducting yourself around men in the modern dating and relationship scene.