What's the Deal With Toxic Older Women?

"You must understand that kicking the can down the road and waiting on a miracle i.e. the knight in shining armor to come dashing in with the white horse when you're 35 is a pipe dream."

What's the Deal With Toxic Older Women?

On last night's YouTube livestream we discussed the difference between a toxic older woman and a more matriarchal and traditional type older woman and how you can tell the difference between the two.

Toxic older women will always encourage you to be selfish and to pursue your own illusory self-interests at the expense of getting married and having a family.

"It's all about education for women. Get your PhD. Nothing else matters in the REAL world."

"You don't need no man. You need to get used to being on your own and fully relying on yourself because NO MAN is going to stick around."

"Don't worry about having kids. There is no timeline. You got all the time in the world to have kids. It's 2023, women are doing it in their 50s!"

What a joke.

They also tend to push materialism. "Get your money up,"  like they tell men in the red pill. Except these are feminist women who will never be honest with younger women about their fertility and how their poor life choices in terms of putting off having a family will eventually catch up to them.

You must understand that kicking the can down the road and waiting on a miracle i.e. the knight in shining armor to come dashing in with the white horse when you're 35 is a pipe dream.

It is completely unrealistic if you want to get married and have a family. This was never up for debate in the past. Women had been not only warned not to become spinsters, but they were also egregiously shamed for it.

"Look at her. Never had kids and now she's old," as is evinced in the many clips I critiqued on last night's stream. People STILL think this way about women even today. That's never going to go away no matter how nihilistic society becomes.

"Spinster" is now an archaic term. And today, in its place is "girl boss, boss babe and online menopausal influencer."

Bottom line is, their messaging is terrible. For women looking to pursue a more traditional lifestyle, their messaging also sounds patently ridiculous. It feels like you're being lied to, because you are.

True womanhood and femininity should never have been reduced to egoistic Cosmo mag cliches and tropes that are detrimental to a woman's rightful place in society as a mother and a wife.

People since eons ago have never revered older women who are spinsters. Young people especially don't respect women who believe they're still in college mentally with a few fancy acronyms after their hyphenated last names to boot. That is, if they're even married at all.

These older women are train wrecks. And their "thou doth protest too much" reels addressing the many "rude" questions in the comment sections on social media asking why they don't have kids says it all.

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