Q&A: When Exactly Should I Know I'm Crazy in Love With Someone?

"Can you hold that person's hand and feel totally safe and vice versa? And in doing so, can you sense deep within that you know them already? That you realize in that moment all there is to know about them and about love?

When exactly should I know when I'm in love with someone


Dear Jenny,

I recently read your IG story that said, "If a man's not crazy in love with me, I'm out."

I'm asking for myself:

What is a good "time window" to know that I'm crazy in love with someone? Because I've been told things like:

"Dude, you don't even know her."

"Slow down, bro."

And women have said to me, "You don't even know me."

While others have asked, "How long were you with her?" with suspicion.

I'm well aware of the chemical cocktails that shoot off in the brain when initially liking someone. Some say wait 6 months until your brain calms down. I can see the value behind taking your time and not making impulsive decisions about a partner.