Why It's a Must as a Woman to Be More Passive with Men

"He knows what he has to do and should do as a man. The biggest mistake women make these days is assuming that if he doesn't make a decision, she will have to plug herself in somewhere and make it for him. Wrong."

Why it's a must to be more passive with men

"Passivity" for women is a bad word and it definitely gets a bad rap. Even worse, passivity according to today's standards is very ill-defined.

Especially for women nowadays who insist they have to chase after men because it's said to be "empowering." You go girlism, "shooting your shot," and sprinting after the man of your dreams is said to be what women should strive for.

And it doesn't help that even today's modern "femininity" propaganda pages aren't teaching women how to be passively feminine–instead they're relentlessly trying to convince you to force everything. Force a man to eat the food you cook, wear the clothes you iron, and ultimately force him to feel it's his burden (not his privilege) to protect, provide and commit.

Men have always given me everything I've ever wanted from them through being passive. I've never had to make a man love me, stay, commit, pay attention to me or give me their approval.

I merely give a man subtle but very obvious clues and hints. It's just like a treasure map for men. This leads to that, then top/down back and forth and suddenly, he's unearthed his sought after treasure. That's how their mind operates.

In other words, a man needs to figure it all out for himself in how he wants to lead you and lead your relationship.