Why So Many of Today's Women Are Incapable of Giving and Receiving Love

"It's immaturity. It's perpetual female adolescence. A grown woman who is selfish, entitled, rejects her femininity and displays ugly, unattractive female behaviors is immature."

Why women make it so hard to love them

Someone contacted me yesterday in the DMs on Instagram over the New Year and asked me "why men in the red pill insist all women are incapable of loving a man."

I too have heard this trope many times before and unfortunately, many red pill men tend to believe it with conviction and have thus completely given up on finding a relationship with a woman who will love them.

First, I must declare that women are NOT in fact incapable of love. Rather, it's become difficult for women to love a man because there are so many negative connotations surrounding love in the modern age dating environment.

Women tend to believe love is a fairy tale and bed of roses. And faced with the faintest opposition to the most ideal of lovestruck fairy tales, many of them just run out of fear–they have a real fear of real intimacy, responsibility, accountability, and fulfilling their partner's expectations in a committed relationship.