Why the Red Pill is Destroying Men's Relationships With Women

"The only thing the red pill ever got right about women is the fact that women can definitely be fickle–and it isn't because we need a new d*** and some money and be driven to a caviar and Chateaubriand dinner in an Aston Martin."

Why the red pill is destroying men's relationships with women

I've been coming across an ever-growing number of posts on all types of dating subreddits where women are declaring, "I lost my boyfriend/husband to Andrew Tate."

I was pretty neutral about Andrew Tate (still am for the most part because I plain don't give a sh*t about him and haven't for a very long while now) but I'm growing evermore disturbed in discovering how far-reaching his promoting red pill gigoloism has started to broadly affect people's relationships in a very negative way.

Below is a post I found on r/exredpill (one of many I've seen there specifically) where a man states he almost lost his girlfriend of two years to Tate and the red pill. Luckily he came to his senses and realized how much he loves his girlfriend and walked away from red pill ideology and Tate altogether.