Advice to Today's Men Who Are Marriage-Minded

"Hot doesn't make a woman marriageable. Yes, hotness is important. Very important, in fact. It's a male thing and men want to spend their lives with a woman they enjoy looking at. News at 11."

Advice to men who are looking for a wife

Thought I'd run a column in tandem with last night's post for men who are marriage-minded and would like to find a great girl they can marry.

It's become a bit difficult (but hardly impossible) for virtually everyone across the board in terms of finding a suitable partner to marry. However, all is not lost and there are many eligible, single women who are open to marriage with the right guy.

Let's just clear the air on what "the right guy" can be to many women, and how your own personal traits and characteristics may measure up in a way that will help you be more marriageable: