Being the Guy on Standby - HELLO, She's Not Interested in You

"So you may unwittingly be convincing yourself that simply because she smiles at you and is nice and sweet and well-mannered that she has romantic feelings for you. She does not."

She's friendzoned you and is not interested in you

I've mentioned the epidemic of narcissistic people who are out to use others for attention, validation and emotional investment.

Folks, you are going to have to become wise to this mass sociopathic decrepitude of which millions upon millions of people have become accustomed and diligently see yourself out.

I received a DM from a guy today who confessed to me the girl he's been writing about to me for the last month or so is shagging Chads and f*ckboys and she's getting pumped and dumped.

And for some reason, he insists he's in love with this girl. She's just the greatest thing ever. These guys she's f*cking just don't see her for the quality woman she is and he's going to swoop in and save her from her exceedingly poor sexual choices in men.