Signs He's Using You Strictly for Attention and How to Game Him

"Chances are he's spread himself very, very thin among his many female admirers and he simply doesn't have the capacity nor the mind for emotionally engaging with any one woman."

How to game a man who's using you strictly for attention

Wait, what?! A man using women solely for attention?

Yup, I'm afraid so, ladies.

This is a real thing nowadays with dating apps and "golden penis syndrome" running amok throughout the dating landscape. And chances are pretty fair that any man you may be engaging with at any given moment may be an avid and sportful female attention collector.

That's right, with dating apps and social media comes the advent of men (in addition to lots of women too) who use people strictly for attention and validation.

And if he's deemed to be a high value man according to today's lackluster standards, where simply because he's hot and charismatic he has his pick and choose among lots of women, chances are that interesting guy you're communicating with over social media/dating apps has more than his fair share of female admirers.