How to Avoid Being Labeled "The Crazy Girl" by Men

"Leave. Walk out. Leave him on read. Just say, 'Nah, I'm not with any of this,' and laugh it off, put a period and keep it moving (for as long as it takes, which usually isn't long because men find space and distance from a woman very attractive).

How to avoid being called crazy by a man

No woman likes being called crazy. Type "signs she's crazy" into your search engine and you'll find millions upon millions of hit pieces that wax on forever about "the crazy" along with legions of women who resent being called crazy by men.

Furthermore, there's no arguing being called crazy by certain men is most definitely weaponized negging and gaslighting–because they know that calling a woman crazy is offensive to every woman on the planet. It cuts right to the heart of a woman's psyche because no woman enjoys being a "psycho" to any man in any relationship.

I honestly don't know what's worse, being called crazy by a man or a woman thinking she actually is crazy simply because a man calls her crazy. Either scenario sucks massive eggs and the best and most pragmatic thing you can do to avoid being called crazy is to not give a man any ammunition in the first place where he can see fit to call you crazy.