How to Be Sweet to a Man to Build Sky High Attraction

"Men just want it to be real. Is it real for you? Because if it's real for you it will be real for him. And he will become that much more attracted to you simply because he knows it's sincere."

How to be sweet to a man to build sky high attraction

"WUT? Be sweet to a man?! How do you figure? I will NEVER be sweet to a man. All men are jerks!"

This is the kind of messaging women receive daily every hour on the hour. It's a constant full frontal assault on our beliefs and values as women who want to be more feminine but we're not allowed to be. The press, entertainment, pop culture, media figureheads, etc., insist women aren't supposed to be nice to men.

You are never to be nice to man because it's old-fashioned. That's what women who are oppressed have done for men for centuries. This isn't the 1950's. Women aren't supposed to be weak and submissive to a man.

And the messaging doesn't seem to end does it?

I know I tend to portray myself as a bit hard on the exterior and I'm not exactly a Femininity™ content creator whose stunted worldview on masculinity and femininity is also warped to make it seem like being nice is the only acceptable thing that women are allowed to be to a man.

Relax, there's some definite wiggle room here. Besides, nobody likes folks who are nice all the time. It's inauthentic and untrustworthy.

Always remember, context is key.

Are you only sweet to a man because you want him to like you? Or are you sweet to a man because you enjoy those intimate and tender moments you share together where your feminine charm makes him feel relaxed, safe and inspired to really be himself?