Why is the Red Pill Angry About Women's Age Preferences in Men?

"According to the red pill, men can wait until they are 65 to get a 19-year old girl. They are actively recruiting you to take up the position of being "the creepy old guy" when you're retirement age still chasing the skirts around attending college."

Why is the Red Pill Angry About Women's Age Preferences in Men?
Study on physical preferences conducted by OkCupid in 2014

For nearly 10 years now, the red pill has been beating women over the head with the results of a study conducted in 2014 by OkCupid which highlighted that virtually all men aged 20-50 find women in their early 20's most attractive.

They've also gone on to perpetuate "embarrassing and clueless old man syndrome" as I term it in willfully ignoring that women, according to the very same study, prefer men closer to their own age.

A few months ago, I set the precedent on Twitter for people to now begin examining the other side of the above chart concerning women's preferences. The fact that red pill men continue to push the narrative of huge age-gap relationships while entirely dismissing the portion of the study conducted on women that indicates women aren't actively pursuing relationships with older men has gone unnoticed until now.

I suspect this was largely ignored because surprise, it doesn't fit the red pill's narrative.

And their narrative remains the same:

"Men don't want women over the age of 25. Deal with it, you post-wall hags! And that means all the young women are hot-to-trot and available exclusively for us old men!"

Sounds to me that they're insisting that just because men 20-50 find women in their early 20's attractive, that must also mean that early 20-something women must also find 50-year old men attractive.

The study seemed to vindicate the red pill. It remains their "ticket to Graceland," and the fact that men appear to prefer college-aged women means all old men got a leg up and can definitely score said young women.

I'm not raining on anybody's parade, but I'm also not fresh off the turnip truck. I understand that men prefer younger women. I don't have a single problem with it and I don't call men pedos according to the latest trends on social media for liking women in their early 20s or any such shaming funny business.

But red pill men can't seem to understand that I'm not shaming them in taking into account a study that they themselves have endorsed for nearly a decade. But only the portion of the study that fits their narrative.

Why can't they accept the fact that, on average, Western women don't prefer to date much older men?

Let's examine why they believe this, shall we?

Arrested Development for Large Swaths of Western Men Dating Back 20+ Years

I'm Gen-X. The men of my generation didn't have an incel problem. They were virile, masculine, assertive, had game, did very well with women and finding a great guy was never an issue.

The incel problem is definitely a millennial and Gen-Z issue that has culminated in millions of men over the last 20+ years struggling to get any results with women.

Thus what you essentially have here is a very large demographic of millennial and Gen-Z men who are now sexless and alone, who have struggled with women throughout their young lives.

Then you have red pill "gurus" who never graced The Shroud of Turin i.e. the young, prime-aged, honeysuckle lady angels they continue to worship and simp for online unironically.

Haven't you noticed these prized online figurehead red pill leaders bleating on and on about women in their early 20's (relax, that was rhetorical because we all know that's all they talk about)?

And why do they do that?

They are simping for them.

That's right, these folks are just another colorful flavor of simp vegetable coming out of the simp garden.

"Muh early 20's women! They are so angelic, beautiful, SEXYYY, snazzy and oh so perfect! [while throwing in a scathing roast towards all the old hags who are "jealous" of them]"

You may not readily see the simping in their candor, but I can assure you I most certainly do.

I've been around all types of men all my life, from varying walks of life, and I can tell when a man does well with women–mainly because he doesn't have any wrongful, preconceived notions about them nor does he question his ability to do well with them.

In contrast, men who don't do well with women tend to remain obsessed with them to an unhealthy degree like red pill men. Men who do great with women tend to not give "how muh gonna get laid" a second thought. They've long mastered the woman code in their young lives and women are more of a passing thought than their entire focus and mission as it remains for red pill men.

Old men on social media who make early 20's women their proverbial golden calf never did well with women in their youth. Just as they are not performing well with women now, they never performed well with them in the past either.

They never did well with women and it shows if you just care to take a closer look and see for yourself. An old dude worshipping 22-year old women online is the byproduct of him never really getting off the ground with women in the way he'd like or prefer.

Again, I get it. Men are dazzled by young women. In other news, water is wet. But do you really want to reach the age of 50 and still be simping for women?

Think about your dad. How would you feel if he was angry at women all the time meanwhile you could tell he had a weird, overzealous and unresolved fondness of them?

Doesn't paint a pretty picture does it?

Dopamine Fiends vs. Men Who Do Well With Women

Red pill men don't play the long game because they can't. They simply don't know how. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of people on the dating scene can't play the long game either.

They are very much the victims of the nefarious dopamine machine dismantling everyone's thought processes in terms of social skills and long-term thinking in mate selection.

The reason red pill men cannot teach you how to find a long-term relationship is because they themselves have yet to accomplish finding the same.

If "muh getting laid" i.e. very short-term thinking is the extent of your "knowledge" with women, how does that make you an expert?

I get that everyone has a "hero/savior complex" and people in desperate situations tend to look to others for the right answers.

The guy who is trying to educate you on "how to get laid" at 45 years old sounds like a desperate situation to me. Wtf does he even know about women?

In contrast, here's how to screen a red pill man, or any man for that matter, to see if he knows what he's talking about when it comes to women:

  • He should have a more neutral stance about them. "Haha women are what they are bro, I stay cool and roll with it."
  • Has a sense of humor about them. This is so important because it means he fundamentally understands women. He can easily shrug them off. Meanwhile you'll notice red pill men are way too serious about women on a level that causes people to question WHY they're angry with them. A man who does well with women? No one is going to question him because it will be obvious in the way he brushes "women stuff" off like no big deal.
  • Comfortable in his manhood where he keeps it low key. Doesn't have to flex "how much of a mack he is." He just is and he knows it, and women know it.
  • He'll probably straighten you out and tell you to stop being a dipshit around women. "Man, why you such a dork?" like Don says in Dazed and Confused. And the advice he will give you will actually help. May sting a lot at first, but you'll learn to appreciate him guiding your behavior around women and helping you improve.

No, I Don't Advise Men Wait Until They're 40 to Settle Down and Get Married

According to the red pill, men can wait until they are 65 to get a 19-year old girl.

They are actively recruiting you to take up the position of being "the creepy old guy" when you're retirement age still chasing the skirts around attending college.

Look guys, you have full freedom to do what you choose in terms of selecting the right woman for you. Date younger women if that's what is available to you.

But as an older person, I can tell you right now that dating and finding desirable people when you are old is going to be that much harder.

Red pill guys want to give you pipe dream examples like Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, John Stamos, etc. What they fail to mention is, these are top .00000001% of elite-level men who are celebrities. They are wealthy, they have great genes and they were always handsome. Getting young, beautiful women is a cakewalk for them.

I'm not saying you don't merit what it takes to date 19-year olds. All I'm saying is it's going to be that much harder for you at 40-50 years old to date them. If it wasn't, every man over 40 would have one. This is not me taking a dig at men, it's just a simple fact of life.

Do you really want to buy into delusions of grandeur and bypass your youth, from your 20s into your 30s, being terrible with women the entire time, then suddenly at 50 score "the 20-year old girl of your dreams?"

You're gambling your future away just like these old men have done who are going around preaching this to you. Most of them are alone. Or have, at the very least, spent their entire lives struggling with women.

Time waits for no man. And if you want to have a promising, fulfilling, long-term relationship with a woman, you will have to adjust your mentality and understand this basic truth:

The average man and woman dates and marries closer to their age range. And they go on to marry and have kids and have a fulfilling life together with their peers.

And more importantly, the kids won't have to grow up with a father who is 70 years old at their high school graduation.

Love and Many Blessings


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