Instead of Being "Nice" to a Woman Do This

"So you put the boundary in place, refuse to bend and let the guilt 'consume' her. Because then she will finally realize she messed up and whatever the issue is won't happen again."

How to be real with a woman instead of being nice

Catchy title huh? Probably made you think it's all a prelude/license to treat a woman like crap. To be mean to her to "keep her in her place" and to keep her "compliant" like they insist you must do in red pill circles.

There's also that saying that even Donald Trump himself uttered out loud, "Treat them mean to keep them keen."

That of course was used to smear him and call him misogynist and a big meanie horrible bad guy and any number of other pejoratives that are all too convenient to keep all men afraid of expressing themselves with women. They've been drilling this stuff into your heads for decades. You are NOT allowed to be anything but a kiss-ass to women otherwise you "hate" women.

I want to invite you to no longer lend any credence to what any of these people say in how you should act with women. Your own relationship is very much an organic experience that is strictly between you and the woman of whom you're spending your valuable time with. These people shouldn't be all up in your business anyway. My generation used to tell these people, "Hey, why don't you mind your own damn business?"