Asserting Boundaries as a Man - What's It Going to Take?

"You have to have rules. You have to have boundaries. Women need to know that there are standards in place so that she can strive to live up to them."

Asserting boundaries as a man in your relationships

Want to wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving as I've been MIA lately due to being preoccupied with family, kid stuff and shopping (oh lord lol) and of course, cooking and cleaning up the huge mess!

I'd been thinking over the holiday about many of the issues I see men dealing with today as it pertains to getting steamrolled in their relationships/marriage. And it most always revolves around "death by a thousand cuts" that I've mentioned here a bazillion times–the man lets one thing slide, then another, then another and pretty soon, she's moving out and seeing the divorce lawyer 8am sharp next Thursday morning.