Why is Paulina Porizkova Terrified of Hitting the Wall?

"In red pill circles, 'the wall of doom' is a certainty for all women past age 35. Or wait, it's 30. Or wait, it's 25. No wait, that number will soon be reduced to 20, won't it?"

Why is Paulina Porizkova Terrified of Hitting the Wall?

In red pill circles, "the wall of doom" is a certainty for all women past age 35. Or wait, it's 30. Or wait, it's 25. No wait, that number will soon be reduced to 20, won't it?

As a 44-year old woman, it is absolutely ridiculous to me to hear anyone say women hit the wall at 25. It's sheer and utter absurdity on its face.

Do I deny "the wall" is real? I do not. However, no woman hits the wall at 25 unless she's had a total hysterectomy, has no more estrogen, and is therefore infertile like women who eventually do hit the wall at menopause.

I would say it's reasonable to ascertain that nearly all women hit the wall at 50 aka around menopause.

Menopause is a whole other physical animal where women are in marked physical decline in terms of not only estrogen loss, but also bone loss, steep HGH and DHEA decline, and often an increase in stress hormones like cortisol.

All of these combined doesn't just represent a loss of sex appeal, rather, it's your own body resigning you to degenerative illness. Being sexy should be the LAST thing Porizkova should be concerned about.

I get it. No one wants to be old. Especially older people. I'm getting up there in age myself, however, my mindset and overall life satisfaction couldn't be any more in opposition to Paulina's.

I was a bit of "a dish" like the old gal says in Titanic. But I was never a model, I was never on the cover of any magazine, I'm not a millionaire and I didn't marry a legendary rockstar.

Yet, Paulina did. And when you take a gander at the following video, you'll see just how empty and miserable she really is. She's on Instagram at dawn each day crying about being "invisible" as an older woman.

Men don't look at her anymore.

She isn't "hot" and she's angry as hell about it.

"She's all alone and has been all her life," despite being married to the same man for 35 years of whom absolutely adored her. She never once went to the tabloids to screech about her "failing" marriage while her husband was still alive.

Two years after his death, however, she's disparaging him in menopausal ad campaigns insisting he was a terrible husband–and this poor man, who is no longer with us, can't defend himself against her onslaught of grumbling and reckoning. She either legit has it out for him, or she's capitalizing on that narrative to call more attention to herself to sell more of her sponsor's health products.

You decide...

The video is cringe. This is certain.

That being said, she fails to garner any real sympathy from me. We all get old. We all lose out to Mother Nature and Father Time in the end.

Which begs the question:

Why don't women like herself care about being respected as a woman at any age/stage of life? Why are so many women hellbent on being sexy erection-givers until they're 95 years old?

Why can't women throw themselves into respective roles that serve them very well in old age? Why can't they embrace their femininity and serve others in a nurturing capacity?

Become a mentor. Be a caretaker for your grandchildren. Be a community organizer and help young school children get a better quality education. Befriend young women who are hungry for mature wisdom like they need air to breathe (this is what I've done in building this internet community of young men and women alike whose friendships/business relationships I cherish very much).

Certain women "resent" being treated like sexual objects their entire lives when they're young, but when they're no longer being treated like sexual objects when they get older, they're resentful then too?

Tough to square up here, isn't it?

"Pay attention to meeeee!" is not a sound strategy for anyone in terms of filling an empty void in one's life at any age. Instead ladies, do pay attention to others and bestow them with some love and compassion. And in doing so, you'll be just like me when you're old...

I have so much attention from so many people I couldn't begin to maneuver and juggle it all. That's putting it mildly.

Don't pin your hopes and your entire identity on being sexy. It doesn't freaking last. You must have some kind of back up plan in your life to serve the people who love you–and you're guaranteed to receive in kind all the love, attention and admiration you could ever bargain for.

Otherwise, you'll just wilt away and be a "bitch" like Porizkova (hey now, her words, not mine) where no one likes you (with all due respect, her words too).

Love and Many Blessings,


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