Red Pill Rescue Ep. 2 - Hitting the Wall

Red Pill Rescue Ep. 2 - Hitting the Wall

Hope you were able to tune in to last night's episode of Red Pill Rescue with Alana, myself and special guest Aly, where we discuss hitting the wall.

I've never denied the wall exists. But the wall seems to be subjective to many in the red pill with some insisting the wall for women is 25 or 30–and it seems the ever controversial "wall" will forever remain illusory and debatable.

To me, the real definitive wall aka the end of most any woman's sexual desirability is menopause. Many people don't like to talk about menopause (especially young people in the prime of their youth who can't imagine it will ever happen to them), but there's no disputing the permanent loss of menses and the precipitous decline in estrogen (to zero) will wreak havoc on any gal's womanhood.

But in the end, time gets us all. Use what the good Lord gave you while you still can because it won't last forever.

We go on to discuss beauty, the wall for men, marriage and many other nuances as they relate to the wall.

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Take care of your beauty, ladies. But also remember, your inner beauty matters too.

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