RPR Ep. 17 - Why You DISGUST People When You Accept Their BS

"If a person does not respect you, they cannot love you. I don't write the rules, that's just how love works."

Why you disgust people when you put up with their disrespect

Hi everyone, it's been a very long time since I posted here and I apologize for my extended absence. I wanted to let you know that regular content will resume being posted here and on Instagram as well as in our private Reddit relationship group.

My family and I had the misfortunate experience of discovering last summer my husband had a very large brain tumor. Luckily it was benign and operable and he had surgery on February 3rd to remove it. The surgery was successful and he was in the ICU for a week and will now begin radiation therapy. Although the tumor was benign, the radiation is needed to stop regrowth.

It's been a long and exhaustive journey for my family but I'm happy to say that we finally got past the hurdle in him having the surgery. We'd had some issues last summer and fall with getting second opinions and finally found the answers we were looking for. Thank you to everyone who sent us all your thoughts and prayers. He's doing very well and he continues to get better each day.

With that being said, Alana and I got together for an episode of Red Pill Rescue where we talked about how putting up with people's disrespect makes people despise you and eventually lose attraction for you:

In today's culture, we are openly taught to not only accept disrespectful behavior from others, we're taught that behaving in a disrespectful manner towards others is "normal" and to be expected. That if you're in love with someone, it's okay to let that person walk all over you. They'll just up and leave if you don't let them walk all over you, right?

What they won't tell you is relationships, especially those in the very early stages, of which are not founded on a basis of respect are destined to fail. If a person does not respect you, they cannot love you. I don't write the rules, that's just how love works. And the more you date and find success with the opposite sex, the more obvious this simple fact will make itself evident to you in all your relationships.

I told Alana that I get turned off when men treat me disrespectfully. I know, I know, the red pill told you all women totally get off on disrespect! They'd have you believe that all women love being told they're fat, stupid, good for nothing, etc. That they never like getting texts back from regular type dudes because all women all the time need a challenging dickhead to humble them.

Maybe that's true for some women. Hell, it may even be true for lots of women. The point is, it doesn't matter if women like it. You, as a man, won't.

You see, men don't really like women they don't respect. They may show up every week, enjoy the free sex and ego strokes and making you feel bad because it gives them a fleeting rush of power and dominance.

Meanwhile in the back of his mind he's thinking, "This girl is a basket case. She lets me do all these things to her that no one in their right mind would ever put up with. What the hell is wrong with her?" Note: This is the precise part where the "fun" dies and he stops calling and starts seeing someone else.

No one will ever tell you that this is precisely what men are thinking when they're dealing with a pickme i.e. a pushover/doormat. They think of you as less of a human being hence why they're all too eager to treat you accordingly. That's where the disrespect comes from. From you not having any boundaries in place that men actually find attractive.

I was also extremely delighted to see clips Alana had gathered from a young New York game guru whom I can readily tell knows the game inside and out.

He and I have the near exact same mentality on being a player. In my player series, I discussed that sex isn't even on the agenda for a player. Sex is used as a tool only when the time is right. And sometimes, that time is never, especially when there's a lack of respect.

He actually said he will pick respect over sex every single time. I was floored. Was this me speaking here through this young man? Truly some breakthrough and paradigm-shifting information we're seeing here.

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