Signs You Are His Forever Girlfriend and Why Men Put Women in That Category to Begin With

"He has gotten everything from you without him having to earn it. So why should he start earning it now? What's left for him to earn, exactly?"

Signs you are his forever girlfriend

I need to discuss the ever-pervasive issue concerning millions of women who have taken the reins in remaining in "forever girlfriend" status among millions of men who will never marry them.

You may be scratching your head wondering why so many of today's women find themselves in this thoroughly disadvantageous disposition. It's definitely a new age phenomenon where men can get virtually ALL they could ever bargain for from women without having to commit.

Hell, much of the time these men don't even have to date nor be official with these women. The rise of the "situationship" anomaly the past 5 years has been akin to a circus spectacle to me.

Women will do any and all of the following for a man who won't even date them: