The Incel Problem and Promiscuous Women - Why Finding a Relationship Proves to Be Very Tough For Both

"So just what is the problem with being an adult male who is a virgin and is so inexperienced with women that he's never dated one, never been in a relationship, and can barely talk to a woman and make a move at 30 years old?"

The Incel Problem and Promiscuous Women - Why Finding a Relationship Proves to Be Tough For Both

In the previous post on this series, "Other Important Key Factors That Are Preventing You From Finding a Relationship," we discussed the fact that people have no standards, the loss of key rites of passage in youth, and virtual avatars taking the place of meaningful relationships.

And the more I examine today's culture for young people, the more I realize it's the now cumulative effect of 60 years, since the 1960's, of women's "liberation" and "free love" liberalism.

I've also noticed that millions of younger people are collectively wising up to it. They fully understand there's something radically wrong and they are now questioning everything. They are no longer taking sides and they're eager to find a new path.

This is what I've always encouraged for you. I've never taken a side. Instead, I've always taken what I could from each side and incorporated it into my own personal and unique circumstances and discarded the rest.

It's no mystery I wasn't raised in the current generation and under the umbrella of these cultural problems and yet, I fully understand them as my background and upbringing is so opposite to what's going on the world today that I'm able to offer you a fresher perspective. One that is definitely doable, workable and can help you find a loving, long-term relationship.

Again, I have 300+ articles on this website to really help you shore up your self-image, boundaries and behavior in helping you find a relationship.

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And now, let's take a much closer look at the incel problem and promiscuous women and its crippling effects on today's relationships...