The Reasons Why You Can't Find a Relationship - Part II

"Thus, if you are weak-willed and amoral, people who are strong and confident in their masculinity and femininity (the very types you wish to marry) and possess the required moral compass to be so aren't going to gel with you."

The Reasons Why You Can't Find a Relationship - Part II

In Part I of this series on "The Many Reasons Why You Can't Find a Relationship," we discussed how society has gone off the deep end, the bait and switch scam of dating apps, and why so many people claim they don't believe in marriage.

Today, I want to dive in deeper in bringing these many obstacles to the forefront and help you find ways in which you can work around them and find a relationship.

Keep in mind I have a large library of over 300 articles that will help you to achieve success in today's dating climate regardless of how many perceived roadblocks you may find on your path towards love.

Once again, I'm not on a blackpill crusade in highlighting these many problems. Instead I'm striving to make you aware as to why so many people are in the same boat in having a stray dog's luck in finding a relationship.

So let us begin...

Poorly/Under-Socialized People Being the Norm

People who are poorly socialized in a myriad of ways are now the societal norm.

You're running the gamut of complete strangers who scream at you in the DMs for not texting them back in 5 minutes.

You're surrounded by women who think that hooking up and situationships will sustain them until they are 40 when they decide they finally want to settle down for marriage.