The Truth About Attracting a Masculine Man and Keeping Him

"Women tend to have this streak in them that they want to change a masculine man into an entirely different man. One that she believes she can more easily handle because he's very often the kind of man that can't be controlled."

The Truth About Attracting Masculine Men and Keeping Them

Every woman in every country, society and culture the world over would love to be with a masculine man who's ready and willing to commit and marry.

However, Western culture doesn't really teach (nor incentivize) women to attract and keep a masculine man. And it doesn't help that most men that women encounter today on the dating scene in searching for a relationship aren't masculine.

Thus, they develop certain patterns in dealing with effeminate men that will not benefit them in the slightest when they do meet a masculine man they could see themselves being with.

These patterns tend to fall along the lines of:

  • Being too pushy with him in trying to force a relationship. They also won't let him lead in the relationship.
  • Being too intimidated by him to the extent the masculine man will find her behavior distasteful and off-putting e.g. too clingy, demanding all his time and attention, smothering him, and possibly even trying to mother him or emasculate him.